About 8th Great Wonder

There's a lot of financial information out there, but much of it is confusing to the average person, and at times misleading and wrong. The 'experts' tell people what they want to hear, and not the truth about how to build real wealth. We take a different approach and I think you'll find our perspective refreshing and unique. 8th Great Wonder is the place to learn how to really improve your financial position. On this site there are no salesmen, no get rich quick schemes, and no starve-yourself-live-in-a-tiny-house extreme frugality discussions.

What we do is explore behavioral finance issues, discuss why people make certain financial decisions and what you can do differently.  We hope these discussions will be informative, engaging and entertaining. We'll also review personal finance books and send you links to any great personal finance articles we can find. This site will provide you with the information you need to build real wealth.


You'll learn that building wealth is a process, and that process has been used for decades by people of all levels of income and intelligence to build substantial wealth and find financial peace. That being said, today's world is very different than years ago and changing rapidly. Sky high college and housing costs, along with changes in the retirement landscape have put a greater burden on everyone, and we'll explore all of these topics.

why you should trust me

I grew up in a middle class household and like many, I started my career off in serious debt having borrowed to pay for college. But I paid off my debt and built wealth by developing my financial IQ with formal education, personal finance books and a career working in finance. My job experiences taught me how the financial services industry works, how it can help us achieve our financial goals, and what areas we should avoid.

what's in it for us


I built this site because I'm passionate about personal finance, but unfortunately it's a topic that many people don't want to talk about. This site is my opportunity to share knowledge with you and anyone that wants to read it.

I really hope you enjoy the site and learn how the 8th Great Wonder can work for you.